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Why we could add sodium humate in animal feed fodder and horse hay ?


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2017/7/04 11:56:26pm


We also noted that the general effectiveness of the alive ability increased by 10%-20% when 1% humic acid was added to the fodder, As the addition of the humates is conducive to the increase of red blood cells in sheep. Detailed research was carried out on 2 groups of animals: calving cows and new-born bull-calves. For 21 to 30 days, the animals in both groups were fed sodium humate at 10 mg per 10 kg of active (live) weight, in addition to the fodder. (N. Maslov and others, 1983.)  It was observed that the calves born from cows that have been fed humates, within four months had a 13.4% increase, when compared to the control group.  The bull-calves that had been fed with humates, had an increase of 21.2%, compared to the control group. 

Our specifications:

Humic acid (dry basis):60%
Organic matter:60% min  
Moisture:15% max                      
Size:2-4 mm 



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Why we could add sodium humate in animal feed fodder and horse hay ?

Water soluble humic acid is available as either potassium humates or sodium humates (i.e. humic acid is only soluble in an alkaline base). Potassium humates are the product of choice for the soil because extra sodium is rarely required here. Sodium humates are preferable for animals as sodium is an important inorganic electrolyte for animal health.


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Sodium humate in Poultry and Stock Farming

With a lot of Chinese hard working and test , we found sodium humate not only could be used for soil improvement , but also can be add in animal (chicken , horse ,caw and sheep ) feed foddor and hay .


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