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It might be really difficult for purchasing manager to find out not only credible but lasting supplier in China or over the world . ​Yes , It's big topic for all of us .There may have so many suppliers said they have their own factory with many experiences in international trading business ,famous in this line but instability quality, late delivery and very big different rates make purchaser headache . It's waste of time.

So that's the reasons why “Ihumate ®” (Based on Cherish Mine Ltd ) here .

  • Based on Non-Mental mineral manufacture in China domestic for more than 10 years ,with ISO9001 standard every step are under control .

  • More than 5 years international business make logistic easy ,timely information of tracking details .

  • 24 hours after-- service guarantee your rights to call whenever you need .

  • We are nimble , new but we never given up to be better .​

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Potassiu humate 70% flake -organic fertilizer Ihumate
Potassiu humate 70% Powder -organic fertilizer Ihumate

Who we are ?

Parent Firm -"ZHONGRUN MINERAL CO.,LTD" founded in Lingshou city ,SJZ, North of China at 2006 , The one of the biggest mineral area in North of China .With more than 10 yars experience on Organic fertilizer , Ihumate® has been established at May ,2015 . We are small ,Nimble but we are never given up .

To make our world more green and environmental  is the most important thing we need to do . More Organic More Green , More successful .

Potassiu humate 60% Powder -organic fertilizer Ihumate

What we do ?

Based on the 100 % water solubility humic acid series , We are highly recommended kraft paper bag or Aluminum bag for you , which not only can make your products be more welcomed but also can strengthen the bag after long time shipping .

For raw mineral , Ton bag with pallet also can be used . By the way , as the rules or USA and Canada customs rules , All the pellet are be fumigated with certificate .So no worms and moldy after arrived .  

1 kg ,10 kg ,20 kg or 25 kg also can be ok, Customized .OEM be welcomed .

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