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With a lot of Chinese hard working and test , we found sodium humate not only could be used for soil improvement , but also can be add in animal (chicken , horse ,caw and sheep ) feed foddor and hay .

​Direction for use

For all livestock species, mix in with feed or drinking water.
Feed:2-3 kg per ton of feed
Drinking water:1-2 kg per 1000 liters of drinking water


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Benefits to Poultry(Livestock)

  1. Reduces the sensitivity of broilers and turkeys to stress
  2. Improves immunity, thus promoting growth
  3. Improves feed conversion
  4. Reduces ammonia emission and smell

Why we could add sodium humate in animal feed fodder and horse hay ?

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Sodium humate powder can enhance and protective chicken and livestock mechanism 

Our specifications:

Humic acid (dry basis):60%
Organic matter:60% min  
Moisture:15% max                      
Size:2-4 mm 

Protective mechanism

The benefits of sodium humate in animal are similar to potassium humate in soil. (5% to 15% weight gains have been reported in cattle, pigs ) based on offer a protective mechanism in the animal where they are able to form a protective film ,which also helps to prevent excessive losses of water via the intestine.


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Sodium humate in Poultry and Stock Farming