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Sodium humate in Poultry and Stock Farming ,Broiler Chickens.

Sodium humate in Poultry and Stock Farming ,Broiler Chickens .

We know sodium humate could be used as organic fertilizer in soil improvement , and aquatic refine . Also there have some articles proved that could be added in Poultry and Stock food ,to enhance healthier and egg ability of animal . Russia is the first country who used sodium humate as animal feed additives.

Powder could be:

It was first tested at Chicken feed in China to activated the synthetic phase of protein exchange.  As a result, there was a 10% increase in mass growth, and the poultry’s immunity rose by 5%-7% .

Powder with water dilution:    

Sodium humate in the form of a water solution containing 1 gram of sodium humate to 1 liter of drinking water was given to chickens from the day they hatched. The experiment was carried out on 11,000 chickens under the unfavorable conditions, where the quality of the incubated eggs was substantially below standard. But add with sodium humate in the feed caused a decrease in the poultry losses for the first forty days by 47%. At the same time, their average weight gain increased by 10%, Vitamin storing. The poultry losses decreased by 50%, while the active (live) weight in five weeks increased by 30%.


Our specifications:

Humic acid (dry basis):60%
Organic matter: :60% min  
Moisture:15% max                      


Sodium humate in Poultry and Stock Farming

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