Application :
• Soil Application: 10-15kg/ha
• Irrigation: 10-15kg/ha
• Foliar Application: 8-10kg/ha with the dilution rate of 1:500-600​

Descriptions :​
70% Potassium humate crystal is a kind of high efficient organic potash fertilizer, because the humic acid is a bioactive agent, which can improve soil available potassium content, reduce potassium loss and fixation, increase crop uptake and utilization of potassium,  It can promote the growth of crops, improve crop stress tolerance, improve crop quality, protect the ecological environment of agriculture and other functions; with  urea, phosphate, potash, trace elements, can be made of highly efficient multi-functional compound fertilizer; In addition, Potassium can also be used as oil drilling fluid treatment agent, mainly to prevent the collapse of the role of the wall.

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Main products 

Specification :

Humic acid (dry basis):70% 
Fulvic acid :5%
K2O:10% min                                           
Solubility :98% min  
Moisture:15% max                      

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Contact: Mr Shubham Kashyap  

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Packing Bag :
Brand name : IHUMATE
Supply ability : 1000 MT/month
Packing bag : 20 kg or 25 kg white pp bag or kraft paper bag
Port :Tianjin or Shanghai  port
Delivery date : 10 days
Payment terms : T/T ,L/C or West union

  • Humic acid 50% Ball
  • Humic acid 50% Powder
  • Sodium humate powder for Aquac
  • 100% water solubility potassium humate flake
  • Fulvic acid 50 % powder for Banana
  • Fulvic acid 90 % powder
  • Amino acid  NPK 16-0-1 Ball
  • Amino acid NPK 6-0-1 Ball and powder
  • Seaweed Extract powder and flake  ​

Benefits & Function :
• Increases organic matter of soil
• Improves potash fertilizer utilization
• Increase the release of potassium
• Improves stress tolerance of crops
• Enhances water holding capacity of soil
• As oil drilling fluid treatment agent, mainly to prevent the collapse of the role of the wall