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Look at above those pictures , An good and higher content leonardite mineral must easily be crushed with man-hand . That's the reason why we called weathering (decomposed coal) . 

There have five points that an good leonardite must have :

  1. Appearance : Must be dark black and shiny at sunlight .
  2. Impurity: Less impurity than 10% 
  3. Size: Easily be crushed with Man-hand at 2-5 mm crystal 
  4. Humic content: Humate must above 60 % 
  5. Water solubility: 98-100% based on humus >60%


70% shiny potassium humate flake-Ihumate



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Which kind of leonardite mineral we must choose when need 100% water solubility potassium humate flake ? Let's see the picture on the right . 

More shiny leonardite mineral , Higher humate content with 100% water solubility 

Now there have many kinds of leonadite in China market , 50% and 70% are the most popular items we factory used , but only 70% high humate content can be shiny when set at sunlight , with 98-100% water solubility . But for 50% , we most used for Humic acid 50% ball and powder , which is not water soluble in water , but for alkline sandy soil .

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70% shiny potassium humate flake-Ihumate


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70% shiny potassium humate flake-Ihumate

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