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Direction for use

For all livestock species, mix in with feed or drinking water.In the case of calves, mix it with the milk or milk replacer for the first 30 days after birth. It can be used in automatic milk replacer feeders.

Feed: 2-3 kg per ton of feed
Drinking water: 1-2 kg per 1000 liters of drinking water
Body weight: 50-70 mg per kg of body weight and day

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Our specifications:

Humic acid (dry basis):60%
Organic matter:60% min  
Moisture:15% max                      
Size:2-4 mm 


Detoxifying benefits of sodium humate in sheep and livestock feed additives

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Humic acid has a CEC (cation exchange capacity) of 450, which can provide an adsorptive capacity similar to activated charcoal to soak up and isolate toxins (before they can cause cellular damage).

The detoxifying benefits of humic acid in the soil cover the full spectrum of accumulated toxins associated with chemical farming. These unwanted toxins can also be removed from the animal body. Scientific research has demonstrated that heavy metals, nitrates, fluoride, organophosphates, carbaryl and chloride organic insecticides can all be adsorbed when humic acid is added to the diet. In plant management, humic and fulvic acids can be used as rescue remedies when a plant has been damaged by storm hail or other environmental extremes. 

Benefits to Poultry(sheep or lamb)

  1. In calves, reduces the risk of diarrhea in the first month and improves vitality
  2. In dairy cows, reduces the risk of mastitis and high somatic cell counts.
  3. Improves feed conversion
  4. Reduces ammonia emission and smell, oudorless 

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Detoxifying benefits of sodium humate in sheep and livestock feed additives 

Detoxifying benefits of sodium humate in sheep and livestock feed additives

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